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Trek Precision Fit

Trek Precision Fit offers the most complete fit solution on the market


No rider's body is like any other...so why do so many other bike stores think one bike will fit all.

At flying Monkey we don't think like that, hence our Trek Precision Fit system... which allows us to fit bikes to riders. All our clients rave about our ability to fit bikes to riders because you won’t believe what the right fit can do for you. Trek Precision Fit is the best way to improve your performance on the bike.

A personal fitting experience with our staff will address your specific needs, giving you a tailor-made solution that will lead to countless hours of faster, more comfortable, more enjoyable riding.

Along with custom fitting we offer full service and rebuild capabilities.

Unleash your potential

You won’t believe what the right fit can do for you. Trek Precision Fit is the best way to improve your performance on the bike.

A proven process

A personal fitting experience will address your specific needs, giving you a tailor-made solution that will lead to countless hours of faster, more comfortable, more enjoyable riding.

Standard Analysis



Shoe sizing

Stance width

Cleat placement




Saddle height

Saddle fore/aft position



Stem selection

Stem length

Stem height



Handlebar shape

Handlebar width

Handlebar position

Includes Flying Monkey Premium Analysis


Motion capture

High-speed motion camera captures your biomechanics on the bike.

Fit Bike Pro

A Trek exclusive: the most advanced sizing tool in the industry.

Pressure Analysis

On-screen interactive pressure analysis display guides saddle selection and position.


It was very nice meeting you the other day and thank you for the fantastic bike fit! I went out for a 40k bike ride last night and noticed a big difference. So did some of my fellow riders. One of our group leaders from our cycling club may come to see you for a fitting. I noticed I had way more power when pedalling both on flats and especially on the hills. I ended up coasting a fair bit as I had no trouble keeping up with the group which was definitely an improvement or the previous week. I was able to maintain speeds of 28-30 k and could have probably went faster without struggle. So thank you!

Super improvement between the new shoes and higher seat position. I feel strong again. Been on 3 or 4 rides since the fitting and I'm feeling great!!  So much stronger and my endurance has gone up significantly. The new seat has been more comfortable on my “package” as well. Thanks for all of the recommendations. I'm sure I will see you soon.

I had the pleasure of getting my first bike fit from Dave Campbell. My new position feels much better, he discovered my saddle height was too low and I needed to drop my handlebar by one spacer. He corrected this and from then on I have noticed myself feeling alot more powerful and efficient. I've noticed improvements in my performance and handling as a direct result of my new positioning.  A very professional and friendly service that I would recommend to every cyclist.

I know Ken sent a message earlier but I wanted to thank you myself for treating a beginner like a pro.  I'm grateful for your patience during the bike fitting.  Having to try so many saddles deserves an award but it made an immediate and huge difference. We went on several practice runs over the last few weeks to prepare for yesterday's race. I swore the bike was out to get me at first.  I have more bruises than I care to mention but most due to lack of confidence and going too slow over rocky sections. Tuesday was so bad that I considered withdrawing because it was beyond my ability and comfort level but I decided to go ahead with it. During the race I thought of the people that helped me with the different sports (kayak, bike, run).  I was terrified when I started the bike and on my own for most of it.  In the very rocky sections I thought of what you said about trusting the bike and having confidence. I did and flew threw it. I was actually smiling as I finished that section! Thank you for the encouragement and providing an awesome bike and saddle.  I love it more each time I ride.  Ken finished 2nd in the Men's Masters.  I went up to take his picture and in complete shock heard my name called too.  I finished 2nd in the Women's Masters and I can thank the Flying Monkey for helping me get there!

Thanks for the fit you preformed on myself and my son a couple of weeks ago. We have put a few km’s on our bikes since and we are enjoying them.

I’ve attached links to my workout Monday after the fit. Monday after the fit 40km loop. This file is the same loop prior to the fit. Early June southern loop. Measured improvements on a 40km baseline course after a Precision FIT with Dave Campbell at The Flying Monkey: Increased speed by 3km/hr, Increased wattage 20 watts, Reduced perceived exertion, Muscles looser and better feeling after the ride. A big difference in speed as well as power. I don’t feel that I hammered the latest workout, in fact deliberately tried to keep it tempo(ish). Thank you for helping me identify the low hanging fruit! You’ve made a believer out of me how critical fit and posture is on the bike. Seriously, the fit was the best money I’ve spent on helping me improve my riding and results.

Morning Dave, My bike fit was a success. I raced Tremblant HIM this weekend and rode a PB on the bike.  Bike felt comfortable and fast. Thanks again.

I wanted to get to the shop today, I saw your tweet that you were open for a bit, to thank you in person for the bike fit work you did on Monday.I took my bike out for a 90 min interval session today. With the wind it’s really hard to know if I’m any faster on the new setup or not…. but….when I got off the bike after the ride my lower back & glutes were loose, no tightness, no soreness, just loose and good and my shoulders and neck felt fine.  I got off the bike for a run and didn’t have the usual ache that I’ve always experienced at the start of a run after a bike and as if that wasn’t enough, I didn’t notice the saddle which means that it fits just right. Thanks again. I still need to bring the bike back in to have you tighten the chain and for whatever reason my right knee kept knocking the front arm rest bars. Thanks and Happy Canada Day!

Thought I’d let you know I picked up somewhere between 1 & 2 KPH in my race today. Over 30k that translates to 4-5 mins faster and a PB for me on the bike. Too bad it was a triathlon, not a bike race, I faded on the run but my transition from bike to run went well with my lower back and glutes not tight. bumping? . . . I’m feeling so much more dialed into the bike, lets we what happens with the next adjustment.

Wow, my wife's confidence on the bike has shot up by orders of magnitude and her back pain has ‎vanished completely! I had a hard time shaking her off my tail this morning on the trail! Thank you so much!


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