Bike Swap

Bike Swap

Looking to Sell

Looking to upgrade your bike but need some way to finance it... Flying Monkey Bike Swap it the answer! Sell your old wheels with our online Bike Swap, at no charge and use the funds earned to finance your new ride, easy peesey.

Bring us your old bike, and we'll inspect it, take notes, get some shoots, and then post the images on our site. Loads of customers regularly ask for used bikes (from starters to pro), and when they do, we can direct them to our bike swap inventory. Once your bike is sold through our bike swap, the full proceeds from the sale can be used as credit in the store toward a new bike you were jonesing on (or anything else we sell).

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Looking to Buy

If you are looking to buy a used bike or hoping to save some cash? Look no further, Flying Monkey Bike Swap is the place to hook up with you newest love.

Most of the bikes on our site are in excellent condition since often the previous owner wanted to upgrade. We are able to offer bikes at a fraction of the original costs!

Everything here has pre-inspected by us personally. We are fastidious, you know it will be a quality ride.

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Bike Swap

Base price with tax:
Sales price without tax: $2,913.67

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Reopening Friday February 23, 2018

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