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Super improvement between the new shoes and higher seat position. I feel strong again. Been on 3 or 4 rides since the fitting and Im feeling great!! So much stonger and my endurance has gone up significantly. The new seat has been more comfortable on my "package" as well. Thanks for all of the recommendations. Im sure I will see…Read More


Thought I'd let you know I picked up somewhere between 1 & 2 KPH in my race today. Over 30k that translates to 4-5 mins faster and a PB for me on the bike. Too bad it was a triathlon, not a bike race, I faded on the run but my transition from bike to run went well with my…Read More


Thanks for the fit you preformed on myself and my son a couple of weeks ago. We have put a few km's on our bikes since and we are enjoying them.

Eoin Galvin

I've attached links to my workout monday after the fit. Monday after the fit 40km loop <http://tpks.ws/0JuZ> This file is the same loop prior to the fit. Early June southern loop <http://tpks.ws/INXl> Measured improvements on a 40km baseline course after a Precision FIT with Dave Campbell at The Flying Monkey: Increased speed by 3km/hr Increased wattage 20 watts Reduced perceived…Read More


I wanted to get to the shop today, I saw your tweet that you were open for a bit, to thank you in person for the bike fit work you did on Monday. I took my bike out for a 90 min interval session today. With the wind it’s really hard to know if I’m any faster on the new…Read More


I just wanted to tell you how good it felt to be back on my bike and how comfortable the arm position setup is. I rode just for an hour yesterday and feel great this morning with only a little stiffness that will be easily stretched out. Thanks for the time you spent on Monday to help me out and…Read More